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Top 5 best adult dating sites, weekly updated list

Idea to make 5 best sex (adult) dating sites we got when we found out, that there are many new hookup and adult dating sites, drastically increased number in past few years of such sites, but on another side there are many unsatisfied people who use those sites without too much or without success at all in making connections with opposite gender.
What we are doing is: open accounts and test all new dating (hookups) sites and make list of top 5! Simple as that! Also, we accept every suggestions from you, and also test those sites, we accept your votes and opinions too, and we are following some other good sources who do similar test (review) job. We are using every info from every trusted source that can help us to determine which sites are not full of fake or inactive profiles and where you can find sex partners on easiest and fastest way.
Here you can see weekly updated list of top 5 adult dating sites (hookups) sites {last update April / 2018}. Enjoy, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or you have new adult dating site to suggest.

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(update: April / 2018)

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